“Drive Experience” Test Drive App

Current designed and developed the “Drive Experience” web app that allows visitors to RSVP the car model and time they want to take the luxury car of their choice for a spin. We were thrilled to partner with Centigrade to bring this to life.

Playbook Sports Enterprise CRM

Current developed Octagon’s PlayBook, an innovative enterprise CRM tool designed to help Octagon better recruit world class athletes. With Playbook, Octagon can further grow their business using the intelligent tracking software, have a competitive edge over their competitors, and productize and sell to complementary businesses.

Octagon is the world’s largest sports and entertainment marketing consultancy of it’s kind, and works with more than 800 athlete & personality clients.

Massive Growth via Optimization

Current helped to stop the decline in startup and Y Combinator alum imgfave’s 20,000,000 monthly pageviews and accompanying revenue by optimizing the 5 digital fundamentals: Conversion, Email, Search, Social, and Revenue Optimization.

Cumulative gains combined to increase traffic and engagement, resulting in a 213% increase in total traffic and 559% increase in revenues.

New User Experience & SEO

The launch of the new NetworkForGood.com combined no less than five different websites and web apps and five different subdomains into one new site that helps fundraise for 100,000 nonprofits to the tune of $1b. This meant building a mobile responsive site that incorporated a lot of content in a very user friendly way. Current developed the front- and back-end of the site while ensuring the search engines respected the years of valuable traffic to maintain (and improve) their search engine traffic. This new site has a 38.3% increase in sessions and 27% increase in pageviews.

Digital Mobile Content

Current helped Focus Skate Mag supplement their monthly print magazine with an interactive version that can be viewed via web and mobile app. Digitizing the magazine allowed for interactive additions to the magazine like videos, clickable photo galleries, and links giving publishers and advertisers more flexibility.

A digital version took physical distribution of ~100,000 monthly issues global. This digital step-forward helped Focus get acquired by a major skateboarding publishing company.